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If you want to know exactly what is important in your game, you have the opportunity to put together your own individual gaming machine. With the potential to win it goes into the first round. Which notebook should show off in the four walls? NEXOC. offers a selection with different features, many extras and enough space for powerful hardware. What would be the perfect look without the perfect content? Again, the ambitious gamers have no limits. Two graphics cards? More than just a hard disk or SSD? Games, games, games? No problem! The NEXOC. Configurator makes it possible. With so much technique and hours of daddling you sweat quickly. The notebook does not, because NEXOC. relies on the optimal, integrated cooling. In addition, the individual gaming partner can be equipped with various components of well-known manufacturers. Of course, tailored to your own use.


Should you not be happy with a particular notebook - personalise it. Have the configuration that you really need, and not what other people think you need. Configure your NEXOC. device yourself!


More than one dozen barebones, from small to large, with thousands of possible configuration combinations. At NEXOC. you don’t just find what you’re looking for – you find what you need. Regardless of the combination!


Having big dreams is great, but having them come true is even better! NEXOC. is there to help when your laptop dreams seem unachievable. Take advantage of our convenient and simple financing!