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NEXOC. GmbH was founded in August 2003 and sells notebooks and PCs under the NEXOC brand name. The products are characterised by a particularly beautiful design and high quality and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio. We spell Individuality with a capital I! Each notebook and each PC from NEXOC. can be individually configured and designed in line with customer wishes and requirements - there is no challenge - there are only solutions, and these are what NEXOC. offers!

In 2012, the company headquarters moved from Eging am See to Dachau, near Munich. Our selection ranges from modern business laptops and high end gaming notebooks, with cutting edge and powerful graphic performance that leaves nothing to be desired, right up to high-performance desktop PCs. All NEXOC. products are equipped with high-quality barebones and components from leading brand manufacturers which are obtained efficiently and at the state-of-the-art via a global purchasing network.


ecom_lager_kommissionieren_46a7172-1.jpgALWAYS UP TO DATE

Our purchasing and sales experts continuously observe current product developments, meaning that you can always find a portfolio adapted to the newest technologies and market trends at NEXOC. Numerous tests by independent specialist magazines have verified the high level of quality.

Through only offering products that are actually available, we can guarantee high delivery availability.

Consistent quality controls and extensive trials carried out in accordance with the latest standards during manufacture and before delivery ensure that only flawless goods are shipped. Our products only leave our modern production centre in the hands of renowned forwarding companies and shipping services.

ecom_02-12-9834-1.jpgQUALITY CONTROLS

We place a great deal of value on the quality of our products! NEXOC. notebooks are manufactured in line with individual customer wishes in a built-to-order method. All of our products must first undergo quality checks before they leave our modern freight centre. More than ten million components pass through our logistics centre each year and only leave our factory in the hands of renowned forwarding companies and shipping services.


The production of NEXOC. notebooks takes place in Dachau, near Munich. We only install brand components from renowned manufacturers. The notebook manufacturer aims only to send flawless goods to customers. Multiple quality controls and extensive trials are testament to the high quality of NEXOC. products.

As a sister company of ECOM Electronic Components Trading GmbH, which has been successful and active on the market since 1992, NEXOC. GmbH & Co. KG also enjoys synergy effects from such affiliation. This benefits customers, as the Group profits from its many years of experience, solid financial basis, expert knowledge of the products and the market as well as logistical strength. Purchasing is based in Eging am See. From here, availability and prices are updated daily and monitored practically around the clock. More about ECOM.

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